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Extension Digital Consultation, Terms & Conditions

How to start...

  • Complete the digital consultation form below

  • Book a consultation to color match extensions 

  • Once length and color is decided on deposit will be required to order hair

  • The cost of the hair is your deposit and retainer fee for installation appointment. This payment is non transferable and non-refundable

  • Appointment will be made for 1st installation

  • Final price will be determined during our consultation based on your desired result and cost of the hair

First Appointment Includes:

  • Installation of 100% human hair tape-in extensions

  • A haircut to blend hair

  • A finished style and styling tips

  • Instructions on how to properly care for your new hair

  • We will determine if the maintenance of your color is due at your move up appointment and plan accordingly 

Long Term Expectations:

  • Generally you'll invest in new extension hair about every 5-6 months

  • The longevity of hair varies based on how well you care for your hair at home

  • I will suggest a haircare plan to increase longevity of your investment

Maintenance Appointments:

  • Move-up appointments are recommended to be every 8 weeks

  • Once hair is purchased and installed that hair is good for 2 more move-up appointments before new hair needs to be purchased 

  • Move-up appointment includes removal of extensions, shampoo, blow dry, re-tape & reinstall of extensions

  • Please arrive to this appointment with clean dried hair. 

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